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My three weeks of the ACE in Place virtual program with Coach for College in Vietnam has gone by too quickly, but it has been extraordinary. During the first couple meetings, I was slightly worried because each of my teams seemed a bit shy and timid.

Although, after the first couple days of getting to know each other, there was never a down moment in our zoom sessions. My teammates and I would give updates about our lives, tell each other the fun things we had planned for the weekend, and talk as if it had been much longer than three weeks. We created a rhythm for our work and spent the rest of our time just being friends.

“We created a rhythm for our work and spent the rest of our time just being friends.”

– Brenna Neault, Stanford Women’s Gymnastics

At our last meeting, we were asked for one word to describe our experience with the program. My choice was “inspirational.” On the days that we were able to meet with the students of our life-skills groups, I saw the kids’ drive for learning and happiness at seeing a culture different from theirs. I was able to draw energy from their enthusiasm to make each day’s video a little more specific because I knew the children who would be seeing them. I loved meeting them and will miss their vibrant conversations and positivity.

I knew my brain would spend three weeks in Vietnam this summer, but it was such a pleasant surprise when some of my heart moved there too. I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience with ACE in Place and Coach for College. I look forward to working with them again sometime soon 🙂

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