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MOT, HAI, BA, ACE VIETNAM!!! After a week here in Long My, camp is off to a fabulous start, and we’re all looking forward to two more weeks of exploration, learning, and new relationships. Each year, ACE student-athletes vote on a theme that connects across all four program locations. This theme supports ACE’s value statement that “connecting with communities across the world through sports provides a unique opportunity for our student-athletes to develop as global citizens.” The 2019 summer theme is “hands,” and we’re going #HandsIn, signifying the collaborative and action-oriented nature of these experiences. Here are all of the people who are “hands in” this summer on the ACE in Vietnam team!

young adult male in kayak posing with vietnamese hat on

Meet Aaron

Aaron “Mean Silhouette” Wright is a rising junior on the Duke Football team who is studying engineering. As the designated emcee and DJ here in Long My, Aaron really knows how to get the people going. Whether it’s selecting the perfect karaoke song or doing spot in movie impressions for the kids, Aaron keeps camp lighthearted. Aaron is #HandsIn because he wants to share his positivity with the campers and show them how to combine hard work with having fun.

young adult male holding onto pole of water boat

Meet Daniel

Daniel “Aaron” Karlin (because no one can seem to tell them apart) is also a rising junior on the Duke Football team and studies Economics (yikes). With a competitive spirit and a passion for both simplifying equations and shooting hoops, Daniel energizes his campers to attack challenges head on. Daniel is #HandsIn in because he wants to experience another culture while enjoys working with kids and promoting positive change.

male young adult balancing on bamoo straws

Meet Tim

Tim “Binh Tinh” Sah, despite getting stranded in Taiwan for a day during his transit to Vietnam, Tim came to camp “swinging.” A rising junior on Stanford’s Men’s Tennis team majoring in Computer Science, Tim has a knack for connecting with all of his campers (no matter how shy) and helping them reach their fullest potential. As indicated by his nickname meaning “be calm” in Vietnamese, Tim grounds the group with his easy going spirit during the more chaotic moments of lesson planning, competition day, and bargaining at the markets. Tim is #HandsIn because being ambitious has always been an important part of his life, and he is excited by the opportunity to inspire youth to pursue their dreams of obtaining higher education.

young adult female standing in front of flowers

Meet Michaela

Michaela “@bigmacrun1” Reinhart is a rising junior on Duke’s Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams studying chemistry. Despite running 5-11 miles each morning, Michaela manages to stay excited and focused for her biology and soccer lessons. With her unparalleled curiosity about others’ experiences and beliefs, Michaela has been integral in uniting the American and Vietnamese coaches. This summer, Michaela is #HandsIn because she loves learning and is ready for her mind to be opened a bit more!

young adult standing with jackfruit

Meet Jack

Jack “Jackfruit” Herbert, a Mechanical Engineering major on Stanford’s Men’s Track and Field team, is yet another rising junior on this year’s ACE Vietnam team. Just like his namesake (the popular Vietnamese treat jackfruit) Jack has proven to be hearty yet sweet. He’s the campers’ go to for free piggy back rides. Jack is #HandsIn because he loves working with kids, and one of his favorite things in the world is being able to experience new cultures through immersion.

young adult female drinking coconut drink

Meet Morgan

Morgan “MORE GAN” Hentz, a rising senior and Psychology major, plays libero on Stanford’s Women’s Volleyball team. A two time reigning NCAA champion, Morgan is a hot commodity on the volleyball teaching staff. With endless patience and infectious kindness, Morgan shares her positive energy with the kids and the coaches. Morgan is #HandsIn because she is excited to be encouraging students to continue their education in the classroom as well as to help introduce important life lessons that can be learned through sports!

young adult female holding up fruit

Meet Izzy

Izzy “Chôm Chôm-Chomper” Pilson is a rising sophomore on Stanford’s Field Hockey team. As the youngest member of our Vietnam ACE teaching team, Izzy’s fresh energy, enthusiasm, and love for stickers makes her a hit with the kids. More importantly, though, Izzy has become infatuated with a native fruit called the chôm chôm, of which she chomped an entire mountain-ful during a single meal. Izzy is #HandsIn because she wants to inspire the children to dream big, embrace education, and believe in the themselves, all while bursting her “bubble,” exploring Vietnam, and building new relationships.

young adults in kayak posing for selfie with vietnamese hats on

Meet Ema

Ema “Cuisine and Karaoke” Kuczura, a rising junior on Duke’s Women’s Rowing team, studies Public Policy and Global Health back in Durham. Since arriving, Ema has dove head first into the country’s culture, sampling every dish, seeking out new Vietnamese phrases, learning the local dance moves and initiating a spontaneous coaches’ karaoke night (a popular Vietnamese pastime). Her organizational skills, fun-loving attitude, and willingness to get sweaty keep camp running smoothly. In Vietnam, Ema #HandsIn in because she is grateful for this unique opportunity to experience Vietnam with and through the amazing Vietnamese coaches and campers.

young adult female holding in pepsi can

Meet Peyton

Peyton “Hacky Sack Master” St. George, another Psychology major, is a rising junior on Duke’s Softball team. With a soft smile, but a wicked arm, Peyton is both warm and demanding with the campers— a necessary balance with certain bunches. Back at the house after a long day, Peyton whips out the hackysack, bringing the coaches, staff, and neighbors out to play. Peyton is #HandsIn because she loves having the experience to teach all that higher education has to offer through sports alongside her Vietnamese peers as a once in a lifetime opportunity!

0 responses to “Meet The ACE in Vietnam 2019 Team

  • Molly Pilson says:

    Loved seeing the pictures and reading about these outstanding student athletes. They are the best of the US and wonderful ambassadors for sports, learning, and pure happiness.

    • Molly Pilson says:

      Isabelle Pilson is my granddaughter and I couldn’t be prouder of all of the participants in this program.

  • Harry Baetjer says:

    What a fabulous opportunity and project! I am sure all of the students have the gift of being able to give like Izzy and will make a huge impression that will last.

  • Yen Nhi Nguyen (Annie) says:

    2 years passed by and ACE program, with their participation, still hold a part of my heart! You guys are the most beautiful, wonderful, heart-warming and energetic coaches I have ever met and truly want to treasure as lifelong friends from the program taking place in Vietnam 2019. You meant a lot to me. Best wishes to you!

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