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So today was an interesting day to say the least. We lost about half our crew over night to a bad case of food poisoning / the flu. However, those who survived (including me and Zeke) carried on with the work at hand. 

Our last task before leaving the CERS site was to contribute to the museum being set up on site to commemorate all the different projects that CERS has accomplished. So we wanted to design a cool picture exhibit at the CERS museum to showcase our success with the kids’ summer camp that we put on the week before.

We thought the best way to share our experiences was through pictures. First, we selected and printed out several photos from the camp that showcased all of the different aspects of learning in the camp, from English class, to sports sessions, to our own experiences learning about the local community. Then we thought it would be cool to arrange the photos on the wall to spell out “ACE”.

Then, we found it a tad difficult to spell out “ACE” with rectangular photos, our very own Zeke and Anna (one of the other survivors of the day) outlined the letters with string and magnets to make the letters much more legible. Finally, we wanted to showcase some campers’ work as well. So we decided to take all the pictures the kids drew on the last day, and used that as a border to bring it all together.

We were proud of the work we had done, however, we knew it mission accomplished when we got the official stamp of approval from How Man himself!

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