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Stanford’s Card Essentials recently featured ACE in Place Thailand 2021 alum and current ACE Ambassador, Alana Vawter. Stanford student-athletes share the stories behind the items they carry with them every day in each edition of Card Essentials. A Stanford Softball pitcher, Alana shares some of her everyday essentials with us, including an ACE t-shirt and bag tag!

Here is what she shared about the ACE-shirt and bag tag she carries and what they mean to her.

“[They represent] the ACE program, Student-Athletes in Civic Engagement. I have an ACE keychain as well. It’s a program I’m a part of. In 2021 I was a part of the ACE in Place program with Thailand. I have really enjoyed my time with the program, it’s a three week immersive civic engagement experience. They usually take five Stanford students and five Duke students and combine with an overseas partner. This year I am going to South Africa with the program. I just keep a shirt on me at all times because you never know what your outfit is going to look like for the day. We’re getting ready for the summer program, and I am an ambassador so I’m always thinking of ways to get other people involved to share the experience with them.”

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