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Photo Credit to Duke Athletics


Duke Athletics recently highlighted the 9 senior graduating ACE ambassadors who spoke about the impact ACE has had on them and their plans for the future.  Click the links below for the full article on each Ambassador.


Nathaniel Hernandez,  Men’s Swimming & Diving

“I choose to stay involved in ACE because it is truly unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is something that I will never get tired of talking about, and hopefully those listening can get something out of it. The program has shifted the way I view the world and how my professional career shapes that world.”


Lelia Boley, Rowing

“ACE taught me to be more open-minded. After my experience in China, I knew how to communicate more effectively with others and lead a more diverse group. ACE is certainly unlike anything I have ever done, and my experience was invaluable.”


Sarah Nelson, Volleyball

“The ACE experience has impacted me in ways I never expected. During  ACE, I had the opportunity to work with the kids in the Zola Township on sports activities and tutor adults about how to use computers.  Yet, it was the selfless way the kids cared for one another during the sports camp that made this experience stand out and shape my career goals. In addition, the other Duke and Stanford participants really became a family to me. We are so grateful for these three weeks and these memorable experiences of love and selflessness that brought us all together.”

Esteban Suarez, Men’s Track & Field

“My favorite moment on my ACE in Peru trip was dancing atop a hill with the locals, looking out at their community. ACE is a program created through unshakable relationships. That’s why it means everything that they’re continuing their mission to connect during a time of total separation. Next year I’ll still be around to offer support, even if it’s wearing my Peru shirt on a weekly basis!”


Jazz Moreno, Softball

“Being a Duke student, you kind of get stuck in a bubble and you forget how fortunate we are here, and that not everyone is as lucky and not everyone has as many opportunities as we do. Why not do this? Why not take 3 weeks out of our summer when it could potentially help out a community’s life.”

Haley Schleicher, Field Hockey

“I think the ACE Program is an incredible opportunity for student-athletes to embrace a culture drastically different from their own. The program gave me friendships that will last way longer than the program did and a broader perspective of the world.”

Meible Chi, Women’s Tennis

“I decided to stay involved with the ACE program because I believe that it is the catalyst for any of my future volunteering efforts. I’ve always wanted to give back, and ACE has shown me ways to make it happen.”


Veronica Brtek, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field

“This experience was one of the most amazing things I will likely ever do. It has taught me so much and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people, so I want to do what I can to help others have the same experience.”

Jillian Wolgemuth, Field Hockey

“Vietnam is a beautiful country, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to visit and work there. When I think back on my four years at Duke it stands out as an obvious highlight and I would encourage any student-athlete to apply. The local community, rich culture, and friendships I made have left a lasting impact on me. I am so thankful for ACE and this experience.”