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“Through the Cardinal Commitment program, students make and sustain a significant service commitment through a Stanford program, student-led service organization, or community organization.” ACEathletes may fulfill the program requirements by completing 3-weeks of full-time service during the summer through the ACE program and dedicating the following three quarters to the ACE Ambassador program to facilitate the promotion, planning, and training activities for the next ACE cohort.

There are three steps to complete for Cardinal Commitment:

1.     Declare – Each student wrote a mission statement.

2.     Engage – Students served through ACE for 3+ quarters and reflected and shared digitally.

3.     Certify – Students reflected back on their mission statement and certified completion.

Although this is the first year of the Cardinal Commitment program, many ACEathletes have decided to commit themselves to continued service. Below, is a list of the 12 ACEathletes who declared a Cardinal Commitment and the five so far that have certified the completion of their commitment.



Teaghan Cowles
Softball, ACE in South Africa: 2017

Allie DaCar
Women’s Lacrosse, ACE in Vietnam: 2017

Erika Malaspina
Women’s Track and Field, ACE in China: 2017

Rachel Reichenbach
Women’s Track and Field, ACE in Vietnam: 2016

Trevor Rex
Men’s Track and Field, ACE in South Africa: 2016

Shannon Richardson
Beach Volleyball, ACE in China: 2017

Mackenzie Wiley
Women’s Water Polo, ACE in India: 2017


Julia DiTosto
Field Hockey, ACE in South Africa: 2017

Rodney Herenton Jr
Men’s Basketball, ACE in India: 2017

Hailee Hoffman
Women’s Gymnastics, ACE in China: 2017

Logan Karam
Women’s Soccer, ACE in South Africa: 2017

Alexa Romano
Women’s Basketball, ACE in India: 2016


Read the full article from Stanford University’s Haas Center for Public Service.