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Photo courtesy of Duke football (Jon Gardiner/Duke Photography)

Bronson Bruneau, Duke Football and ACE in Vietnam ’16 alum, spoke with the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program about how the program has influenced the way he addresses issues in business, in academics, and in life. From the article, “the program set him up for success by training him to approach challenging issues in creative ways to find solutions.”

Bruneau applied these skills to real world situations during ACE in Vietnam. “I was teaching [the Vietnamese youth] math and also basketball through the ACE program… kind of using American sports as a platform, and also teaching them life skills and school curriculum. The I&E role that played into it was: words are only so much – you can really have a relationship with someone even if you do not know what they are saying. The kids did not speak any English, so I had to figure out ways to communicate and teach without speaking their language,” he noted.

Screenshot of Bronson Bruneau talking

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