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Abigail Alemayeho

ACE in South Africa
Stanford University
Squash (Women's)
San Diego, CA
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Equity for all youth has been my big mission of note throughout my life. Ever since I was eight years old, I have been doing community service. Due to the pandemic, my community service in high school was limited to a virtual setting. But now, being able to connect with students in person through ACE is worth it in every possible way. I am excited to do this program to support those who need it and shape my own humility. But more than anything, I am eager to learn from the students, the program leaders, and fellow student-athletes. Programs like ACE are the types of life experiences that shape people, and I look forward to this opportunity to grow with these students, teaching what I know and learning from their daily experiences.

Abigail’s past experiences with community engagement includes organizing squash camps for underserved youth, hosting STEM conferences and workshops, and participating in local service (i.e. food banks, awareness runs, and hospital volunteering).