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Alayna Burns

ACE in Colorado 2022
Duke University
Field Hockey (Women's)
Medford, NJ
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Certificate in Sustainability Engagement/
Minor in Environmental Sciences and Policy
Alayna’s Blog Posts from ACE in Colorado 2022
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ACE offers an incredibly unique opportunity to engage with others and the environment in a way I never have before. I am grateful for the chance to learn about and serve a community hands-on while learning and growing with other athletes to become better teammates, leaders, activists, and people.

Alayna’s past community engagement experience includes engaging with the Duke environmental community  through her club, Scoop, which focuses on off-campus sustainability business development. She also volunteers for semester projects such as the Waste-Audit Task force and the Green Devils initiatives for on-campus sustainability. She enjoys representing Duke Field Hockey while volunteering at Open Table Ministry to assist in clothing drives, connecting with the Durham youth by reading at Elementary schools, and coaching Duke Field Hockey clinics.