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Ava Sorrento

ACE in Vietnam: 2023
Stanford University
Gymnastics (Women's)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ava Jaqueline’s Blog Posts from ACE in Vietnam: 2023
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ACE is the opportunity of a lifetime! This program is the perfect combination of work, learning, teaching, and fun. The bonds that will be created between fellow student-athletes, and college students from Vietnam is something so special, not to mention the relationships we will build with the young students. The planning, teaching and activities are incredibly rewarding and I’m excited to learn just as much in the process, as the students I’m teaching. Overall, I’m very ready for ACE to be the ultimate immersive learning experience that I am beyond lucky to be a part of.

Ava’s past experiences with community engagement includes… previously teaching and engaging with young children at her local church on Sundays, volunteering with her family at a local food drive during the Holiday season and working with the organization MUDGIRL at their race in Toronto.