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Elizabeth Reneau

ACE in Place: Vietnam 2021
Duke University
Cross Country (Women's)
Track and Field (Women's)
Argyle, TX
Public Policy
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Markets and Management
Elizabeth’s Blog Posts from ACE in Place: Vietnam 2021
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It is worth participating in ACE this summer because I am ready to be challenged and grow in my perception of the world beyond Duke University and Dallas, TX (where I am from). I find it easy to be caught in the same routine and resultantly forget to place myself in environments that help challenge me in new ways. The ACE program will help me grow and change my view of the world and those around me. I also love children and am passionate about helping them feel empowered and loved.

Elizabeth Reneau’s past experiences with community engagement includes missionary work during high school to international countries such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Elizabeth has worked with language barriers and adverse political situations In these countries. Elizabeth also engages with the community in her daily life through her church children’s ministry work in Durham, NC.  She is also a member of Duke’s Honor Council which engages with the Durham community and Duke students through projects and meetings each week.