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Kathryn Anderson

ACE in China: 2017
Stanford University
Beach Volleyball (Women's)
Everett, WA
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ACE is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and learn about a different culture while working to leave a positive impact on the lives of others. ACE is a beautiful program that allows me to help others in need while also developing and strengthening important skills that can be translated to my life as a student-athlete. I could not be more excited for the experiences to come!

As part of the ACE in China program, participants will contribute to the sustainable development of underserved communities through youth environmental education and sports while learning about conservation and preservation in Yunnan Province.

Kathryn’s past experiences with service include volunteering with her teammates in Stanford Student-Athlete Advisory Council service activities, such as hosting a trick-or-treat event for local children. Stanford Beach Volleyball also regularly participates in off-campus service such as volunteering at a soup kitchen and helping to revitalize a local elementary school.