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Lyneé Belton

ACE in China: 2017
Duke University
Basketball (Women's)
Clinton, MD
Evolutionary Anthropology
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Lyneé’s Blog Posts from ACE in China: 2017
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[Participating in ACE] is worth everything. This is such a great opportunity that a lot of people aren’t offered, so I will give [the program] my all and make the most of it.”

As part of the ACE in China program, participants will contribute to the sustainable development of underserved communities through youth environmental education and sports while learning about conservation and preservation in Yunnan Province.

Lyneé’s past experiences with service include participation in the Me Too Monologues; membership in Duke’s Collegiate Athlete Pre-Medical Experience Program (CAPE); and volunteering in local elementary schools and at a homeless shelter with her basketball teammates.

Past ACE Ambassador (2017-2018) Profile

ACE participant stretching

Dear Future #ACEathletes,

  • Best advice for making the most of your ACE experience: Be yourself. No matter the situation of application process or interviews or once you get to your destination through ACE, be yourself. Everything will be stressful for sure and you will have a lot of anxiety and anxious to know everything or to be everywhere but if you take a deep breathe and be yourself everything will fall into place.