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MacKenzie Kerr

ACE in India: 2017
Duke University
Track and Field (Women's)
Richmond, VA
Political Science
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
MacKenzie’s Blog Posts from ACE in India: 2017
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It is rare that an opportunity to develop yourself as a person, athlete, and student comes around. When I heard about the ACE program I knew I was interested. The ACE program is a unique chance to challenge myself to the fullest extent for three weeks.

As part of the ACE in India program, participants will be teaching and coaching children and youth, with a focus on educational and leadership development through sports and teaching English and other subjects in classrooms.

MacKenzie’s past experiences with service include membership in Athletes in Action, a Christian student-athlete group; membership in the Duke Women’s Leadership Initiative, a union of female student-athletes interested in law; and philanthropy and volunteer work as a member of Delta Gamma Fraternity. With her teammates, she has assisted in coaching a local youth track team that came to compete at Duke.

Past ACE Ambassador (2017-2018) Profile

ACE participant selfie with VIDYA school kids

Dear Future #ACEathletes,

  • Best advice for bringing ACE back to campus: When trying to decide between programs, talk with past participants so you can get a better feel for which program would be a best fit for YOU.
  • Best advice for applying for ACE: Really put thought into your application questions (and interview responses) so you can both display your personality but also demonstrate why you would contribute to the program.
  • Best advice for getting started at your program: Don’t be timid! Get out and involve yourself in the new environment. Three weeks fly by so make the most of your experience with everyone you meet.
  • Tips for getting to know your community: Everyone in the community was so welcoming so it was easy to take the first step in getting to know people. The group around you are also going through the same things so don’t hesitate to reflect and discuss.
  • Tips for training: Get into a good rhythm once you are adjusted. Being around other motivated student-athletes helps with the training routine.