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Mary Claire Morrison

ACE in South Africa
Duke University
Rowing (Women's)
Atlanta, GA
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Political Science
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Participating in the ACE program this summer is a top priority of mine due to the unique experience of spending time with other student athletes from Duke and Stanford as we get to immerse ourselves in a beautiful culture. ACE allows me to give back to other communities and for other communities to teach me about parts of the world unknown to me. I am able to find challenges, happiness, and fulfillment mentally, physically, and socially through the ACE program.

Mary Claire Morrison’s past experiences with community engagement includes participating in and fundraise for the Sam Robb Childhood Cancer Fund. She also spend four years working and serving at the Atlanta Food Bank, cleaning parks, paths, and the environment for the Atlanta Path services, serving the elderly at her local living community, and volunteering with local the local children’s hospital.