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Michaela Reinhart

ACE in Vietnam: 2019
Duke University
Cross Country (Women's)
Georgetown, KY
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Global Health
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“The ACE program provides an opportunity to learn about a different culture, as well as build new relationships with a whole multitude of people, both of which will undoubtedly expand my own worldview. I am excited to grow in this way while being able to spread a love of sports and learning.”

Michaela Reinhart’s past experience with service includes being a mentor with Launch Lab through Duke’s Kenan Institute of Ethics and a volunteer with the Duke Catholic Center. In the past, she has volunteered with Campus Kitchens, a national organization that cooks community meals for low-income neighborhoods. Additionally, she traveled to the Appalachian region of Kentucky twice in the past 3 years on mission trips to perform maintenance on low-income households, as well as to Haiti to build a home during her junior year of high school.