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Michelle Staggers

ACE in India: 2016
Duke University
Lacrosse (Women's)
Stafford, VA
Cultural Anthropology
Michelle’s Blog Posts from ACE in India: 2016
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It’s always an awesome opportunity when you get to travel across the world and participate in civic engagement. I believe the ACE program will be a fulfilling experience, and hopefully a step towards pursing a career in international affairs.”

As part of the ACE in India program, Michelle will serve as a coaching assistant for sports activities, teach English as a second language courses, and promote computer literacy initiatives for youth at a community center in Dakshinpuri, New Delhi.

Michelle’s past experiences with service include participation in the AIA Bible Study and tutoring at a local elementary school.

Past ACE Ambassador (2016-2018) Profile

ACE participant posing with children

Dear Future #ACEathletes,

  • Best advice for bringing ACE back to campus: Get involved in the Durham community!
  • Best advice for bringing ACE back to your team: Encourage your teammates to engage in community service! It will benefit your team as a whole.
  • Best advice for staying in touch: Share social media info!
  • Reasons for staying involved: I decided to stay involved with ACE because this program really helped me discover my academic interests, and I hope to see it do the same for future student-athletes!
  • Tips for documenting your experience: When I was participating in ACE in India, I decided to document our experience by creating a short film