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Tara Shannon

ACE in Vietnam: 2017
Stanford University
Squash (Women's)
Calgary, Alberta
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While I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to teach children in Vietnam about athletics and help give them the tools to think critically, I am also excited about the lessons I will learn in turn. Nothing can replicate seeing the community first-hand, and I believe this intimate setting will be enlightening. It will open my eyes to so many perspectives that I didn’t even know existed.

As part of the ACE in Vietnam program, participants will teach academics, sports and life skills to students at under-resourced middle schools in the Mekong Delta with the aim of encouraging them to prepare for higher education.

Tara’s past experiences with service include membership in Cardinal Council, a student-athlete leadership and advocacy program; and involvement in HELP for Kids, an organization that provides health education to local public school students.