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Former Duke Women’s Swimming and Diving team member Kylie Jordan shares some of her favorite and most impactful memories from ACE. Jordan participated in ACE in India 2018, and cherishes both her time teaching handball to young women and receiving support from her ACE teammates at a US national swim meet.

What are you doing now? How did ACE influence your career path?

After I graduated from Duke undergrad, I stayed at Duke and got my masters degree from Fuqua’s MMS program. I was able to use my fifth year of eligibility and row for Duke Women’s rowing team as well. After graduating from Fuqua, I accepted a job in Boston and have been living here since. I work as an investment banking analyst at a firm called Locust Walk, which is a global life sciences investment bank.

My ACE experience definitely helped to inform my decisions post-grad. I was pre-med throughout undergrad, and my senior year I decided that I didn’t want to go the medical school route. My ACE program, being that it was global health focused, helped me realize that although I didn’t want to be a doctor, I still had a passion for healthcare and wanted to be in a career where I could still have that industry exposure.

Share an ACE story that changed or broadened your perspective.

In India, I interned at a non-profit that focused on bringing Women’s health education to young girls in the school systems through the sport of handball. Through this experience, I realized how important women’s health focused initiatives are to improving an overall community. I think a lot about this eye-opening experience especially as my company gets to work closely with Women’s health-focused companies within the pharmaceutical industry.

group selfie eating
Meeting back up with Stanford friends from ACE in Palo Alto

Describe ACE in as few words as possible:

Challenging and impactful

How have you kept in contact with people from your ACE program?

A year later after ACE, I was swimming at US Nationals, which was held at the Stanford pool. My ACE teammates came and met me for lunch in between meet sessions. It was awesome to catch up and I felt really supported by them!

Share an ACE memory that made you smile or laugh:

One of the (many) best parts of the trip was getting to swim at the 2010 Commonwealth games pool every day. It was an insane pool. Every time we would go to work out, we would be swimming in our lane and people would literally get in the lane and stop us from swimming to ask us if we could give them swim lessons/technique tips. We ended up giving swim lessons to a people for half of our workouts every day, and it was really fun.