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ACE Values Brainstorm

In Fall 2017, ACE launched a collaborative process to develop core program values. Our goal at the end of the process was to have a small number of core values that will guide our program decisions as ACE continues to grow and develop.

During the ACE Fall Advisory Board meeting held at Stanford in September 2017, the board began the process by identifying and defining values that were already guiding the program. In addition, ACE alumni were heavily involved in the process sharing feedback and contributing to the conversation.

Five values guide our work with student-athletes and host communities, and our integration into the campuses’ civic engagement and public service cultures:

  1. Teamwork is the fundamental guiding principle of our work and how the program operates.
  2. Humility and culturally sensitive service guides the approach to our program’s implementation and partnership model.
  3. Sports are a way to develop our student-athletes as global citizens by connecting with communities across the globe.
  4. Immersive and collaborative learning between our students and community partners is the goal of the ACE experience.
  5. Safety and well-being are prioritized in program development and implementation.