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The ACE Ambassador role provides ACE alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to public service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship, and service opportunities that support wider ACE efforts at Duke and Stanford and beyond.

What We Do

In their role, ACE Ambassadors are asked to:

  • Be available to speak about ACE at info sessions
  • Serve as a peer advisor throughout the application process
  • Serve as a liaison to their team: provide marketing materials, answer questions, and inform teammates of deadlines
  • Attend and assist in leading pre-departure training events in the spring

Through this role, ACE Ambassadors have the opportunity to stay connected with other ACE alumni, ACE program staff and future cohorts of their ACE program as well as provide guidance and input on decisions that impact the ACE program.

Who We Are

Learn more about ambassador tips for applying to ACE and making the most of the ACE experience.