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ACE seeks to keep family members of #ACEathletes informed about the program before, during and after the experience. Hear from other families about their student-athletes’ involvement in the program and their perspectives on the benefits of participating in ACE:

“ACE in India was amazing! The opportunity to experience a foreign culture and to teach and learn from the people in India was unforgettable for both of my daughters.”

Kirsten Wiley, Mother of two Stanford #ACEathletes in India (Summer 2017 and 2018)


“Participating in a service-oriented program in another country is an important, enriching experience for the students as well as their hosts. The extensive safety, health, and cultural preparation meetings that our daughter experienced reassured us that she would be ready for her three weeks abroad. ACE was the ideal program for our daughter, and I encourage other Duke and Stanford students to go for it!”

Pete Kutzer, Father of a Duke #ACEathlete in India (Summer 2018)


“”This was a tremendous opportunity for these student athletes to experience another culture, give back to the community, and develop leadership skills.”

Keith Hinkle, Father of a Duke #ACEathlete in South Africa (Summer 2017)


“This program gave my daughter an amazing opportunity to explore another culture and participate in international service…and I’m so excited for the opportunities she will have now as an ACE Ambassador.”

Heather Hoffman, Mother Of A Stanford #ACEathlete In China (Summer 2017)


“I was initially concerned with the distance and all the logistics involved with actually getting to Vietnam – what to pack, would he have enough food, would they be safe – but everything was thoroughly planned and extremely well-organized. Everything went very smoothly. It was an incredible experience for these student-athletes in so many ways – from having to hand-wash their laundry to teaching children who did not know any English. They created life-long friendships with other student-athletes, Vietnamese college students, and the 8th- and 9th-graders they worked with. The students even FaceTimed my son the day he got home. A civic engagement program like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience what another part of the world is like – what the people are like, what they do for a living, what their goals are, etc. Our son gained so much more through ACE than we would have ever thought possible.”

Jackie Gehsmann, Mother of a Duke #ACEathlete in Vietnam (Summer 2017)


“I still notice my daugther talking to the kids and fellow teachers she met on the trip. It’s pretty incredible how strong connections can be after just three weeks.”

Andrina DaCar, Mother of a Stanford #ACEathlete in Vietnam (Summer 2017)