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Once your ACE program is complete and you’re back on campus, there are many ways for you to continue to reflect on your experiences and build on what you learned. To help you with this, ACE works with ACE student-athletes to think about how to engage after your program ends.

ACE Action Plans

After returning from your ACE program, each student-athlete creates an Action Plan to map out ways you can continue to build upon your ACE experiences. These Action Plans are unique for each participant but students are encouraged to focus their plan on one of the following areas: academic/professional development, ongoing service, issue awareness, or athletic development/leadership. Based on their Action Plans, past student-athletes have created service opportunities for their teams, taken language classes and pursued other related academic coursework, and applied for service post-graduate fellowships. Almost 70% of student-athletes plan to spend a year or more on their Action Plans, allowing for time around their academics and athletics schedules to see their Action Plans to completion.

The ACE alumni blog features stories of ACE alumni connecting Action Plans to their overall academic and career goals. Read the ACE alumni blog.

ACE Reunions

After returning to campus in the fall, the entire ACE team meets together at the Back @Duke events. These events provide an opportunity to share experiences from the summer, discuss Action Plans together, and provide peer support. ACE staff and other on-campus resource staff are also present at the Back @Duke events to help participants refine their plans and start working towards success. In addition, reunions are held with members from each ACE group and the ACE Ambassadors as another way to reflect back on the experience.

ACE Ambassador Program

The ACE Ambassador role provides ACE alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to public service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship, and service opportunities that support wider ACE efforts at Duke and beyond. Any ACE alum is welcome to become an ACE Ambassador.

Donor Stewardship

Each ACE participant is asked to write a letter of thanks to a campus donor. In addition, ACE participants often have the opportunity to attend donor stewardship events held at Duke.

ACE and Beyond

Your ACE experience does not end once your plane lands at the end of your program – your time participating in the ACE program continues back on campus and beyond with opportunities for further engagement and growth.