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ACE participants start preparing for their experience from the moment they are accepted to one or our ACE programs. ACE pre-departure training helps student-athletes build their skills and broaden their perspectives in a variety of ways, such as:

  • virtual program-specific meetings and online modules
  • on-campus training sessions at Duke and Stanford
  • weekly “staying on pACE” reminder emails, which remind participants of what they need to do to stay on track
  • communication and guidance from ACE Ambassadors (ACE alumni leaders), who play a pivotal role in preparing ACE participants

The ACE staff tries to be mindful of student-athletes’ practice times and competition schedules when planning required spring pre-departure meetings.

ACE Pre-Program Training Timeline

(Will be updated for 2022 as soon as specific dates are determined)

MAY 2021

  • May 25 – ACE in Place South Africa Pre-Program Webinar
  • May 26 – Welcome Meeting. Watch the recording here.
  • May 26 – ACE in Place Thailand Pre-Program Webinar
  • May 27 – ACE in Place Peru Pre-Program Webinar

JUNE 2021

  • June 1 – 16 – Ambassador Squad Meetings. Check your email for program specific dates.
  • June 14 – ACE in Place Peru Pre-Program Webinar
  • June 15 – ACE in South Africa Pre-Program Webinar
  • June 16 – Ethical and Effective Service Meeting