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Before students depart for their ACE program, they will prepare for their experience from the moment they receive notification of their acceptance. Through program-specific meetings, online modules, and an on-campus training session with ACE participants at each campus, students will build their skills and broaden their perspectives in preparation. Throughout the pre-departure process, students will receive weekly “Staying on pACE” emails reminding them of what they need to do to prepare.


Late March

  • Deadline to submit required documents for participation including a copy of a passport valid for 6 months past the end date of your program
  • Sign up for student health appointment


  • pACE (preparing for ACE) pre-departure meeting (all ACE students at each campus are required to attend)
    • Duke: April 2020, exact date/time TBD
    • Stanford: May 2020, exact date/time TBD
  • Program-specific pre-departure meetings
    • Duke
      • March – April 2020, exact dates TBD
    • Stanford
      • April – May 2020, exact dates TBD
  • Online trainings including health and safety, travel, ethical documentation, and working with minors
  • Background check
  • Travel booking
  • Visa applications (if required)