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Interested in participating in the ACE program? Learn how below:

Coach Recommendation

You will be required to submit one coach recommendation with your application. Your recommendation can come from your head coach, position, or assistant coach. You will be asked to provide your coach’s name and email address when you start your application.

Passport (required for all programs)

If you are applying for an international, in-person program, you will need a current, valid passport (passport must be valid for 6 months past the first day of classes of the next academic year) and a legible, pdf color scan or copy of the photo page of your passport to apply.  Please note that ACE will not pay for you to apply for or renew your passport. If you do not have a passport, please begin the process of obtaining a passport immediately. We strongly encourage you to request “expedited service” on your passport to ensure you receive your passport in time. Visit the US Passports and International Travel Website for more information.

Short-Answer Responses

On the application, you’ll be asked to respond to the four questions below using complete sentences. All questions can be answered in 1-3 paragraphs.

  • Motivation: Why are you interested in participating in the Rubenstein Student-Athlete Civic Engagement Program (ACE)? What interests you about the specific program(s) to which you wish to be considered? Please refer to the program profiles on the ACE website for more specific information on each program. If you applied to ACE in previous years, how has your interest in ACE changed or developed since your last application?
  • Skills and Experiences: What skills and/or experiences do you possess that will enable you to make a meaningful contribution to ACE and the specific program(s) to which you wish to be considered?
  • Civic Engagement/Public Service: Think about a person that best exemplifies to you how to live a life of a public service and be civically engaged and that you would hope to emulate. This person could be a friend, teammate, family member, coach, historical figure or someone in the public sphere. Please briefly describe who this person is and why you chose them. Give an example of a specific time when you made a decision, took action, approached a situation differently, etc. because of their impact on you.
  • Goals: How will this experience contribute to your personal and/or professional development and/or academic interests? If you applied to ACE in previous years, how have your goals changed (if at all) for participation in the program since your last application?

Ready to start your application? Go to the ACE application portal.