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Participating in an ACE program means engaging in a number of new immersive cultural experiences,  including learning about and enjoying the local cuisine. ACE also recognizes the importance of maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet required for Duke student-athletes to compete at a high-performance level. ACE has worked closely with Duke Athletics nutrition and on-site program staff to develop a series of nutrition guides specific to each ACE program location. The video and PDF guides below provide ACE participants with a better understanding of the foods available at their program sites and how to fuel effectively once on-site. There is also a general packing list of food items to consider bringing. Additional program-specific information about dining options, meals, and specifics to pack are described in detail on the program profiles.

Duke Athletics Nutrition staff are included as part of the general pre-departure preparation all ACE participants receive in the spring. ACE participants are encouraged to meet with Duke Athletics Nutrition staff before departure for a one-on-one consult regarding any specific concerns and to create an individualized fueling plan.

For further questions, please contact ACE staff.

Browse the links below for videos and PDFs on how to build a plate in current and past ACE program locations.