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The ACE Ambassador program serves as an opportunity for ACE participants to continue developing the skills and knowledge from their ACE programs and to truly make ACE more than a three-week experience. Through the program, Ambassadors bring their ACE experiences back to their teams, campus, and communities and help prepare the next class of ACE participants.

This year, the 2022-23 Ambassador Team is made up of 24 student-athletes from Duke and Stanford who have participated in ACE programs as far back as summer 2019. Our Ambassadors come from a wide range of teams with 15 Duke Athletics teams represented and 4 Stanford Athletics teams represented.

In addition to assisting with pre-program preparation, Ambassadors engage with staff from both Duke and Stanford in discussions on the current state of civic engagement and how to navigate the field in an ever-changing world, how to become an effective service leader, and how to effectively market their skills and share their experiences in post-graduate opportunities.

Want to contact or learn more about a specific ambassador from your university or team? Find their ACE profile.