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As an ACE Alum, we hope that you stay connected with your Duke and Stanford program teammates and all of us at ACE. There are many ways for you to stay up-to-date with ACE:

  • Follow us on social media. We have a Facebook page and Instagram where we post updates on summer blogging, news about the program, and highlights from current and past participants. We hope to also share updates from our alumni so please reach out to us!
  • Subscribe to the “Summer RoundUp” emails. These emails are published throughout the summer and share weekly updates from each program site and student blog posts.
  • Share your ACE story with us. We’re always looking for stories about how ACE impacted you to share with donors and current and prospective students. These stories allow us to keep the programming growing and vibrant, so that more student-athletes can continue to participate in ACE in future years!
  • Let us know if you have other ideas for staying involved. Email Emily Durham, ACE Program Director.