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This summer ACE will offer four virtual service programs focused on supporting community-based organizations located in Peru, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. Virtual programs allow ACE the opportunity to continue to offer impactful summer service experiences for Duke and Stanford student-athletes in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Through these programs, participants will work on collaborative service projects, form relationships across the Duke and Stanford athletic community, and connect with community partners around the world who will use the ACE participants’ ideas and project work to make change – all done from any location.

Summer 2021 programs will require participants to use their teamwork skills to form creative solutions to project work that focuses on areas such as environmental sustainability, public health, education, community development, and wildlife/marine conservation.

Without the travel component, service and supporting community partner organizations is even more central to the ACE experience. Participants will address specific community needs and contribute ideas, time, and project work to organizations committed to making a difference in their respective locations around the world. Collaboration with these organizations will give participants professional and personal experience as well as open doors to future service experiences.

Participants will also work closely with program leaders based across the world who will facilitate team building, encourage meaningful opportunities for group reflection, manage community partner relationships, offer mentorship and support during project work, track project progress, and organize cultural enrichment opportunities.

The virtual programs available to student-athletes this summer are as follows:

  • ACEinPlace Peru
    Program dates: June 27 – July 16
    Student-athletes will support women’s empowerment and environmental conservation programs in Peru through education-related initiatives and community development projects.
  • ACEinPlace South Africa
    Program dates: June 27 – July 16
    Student-athletes will support wildlife conservation, community development and public health programs in South Africa with a focus on sustainable and ethical initiatives.
  • ACEinPlace Thailand
    Program dates: July 25 – August 13
    Student-athletes will support marine conservation, education or public health programs in Thailand through sustainable community development projects and initiatives.
  • ACEinPlace Vietnam
    Program dates: June 27 – July 16 & July 25 – August 13 (The same program will run twice.)
    Student-athletes will plan and create content with Vietnamese college students as they teach academics, sports, and life skills at a summer camp for middle school youth in rural Vietnam, with a focus on mentorship and promoting higher education.


The ACE application portal is now open for eligible Duke and Stanford student-athletes to apply.


“The COVID-19 pandemic, as with many aspects of life, has drastically altered the way global service operates. As we continue to make program decisions that minimize risk to fellow student-athletes, our staff and colleagues, and our community partners in South Africa, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam, we remain committed to the health and well-being of the global community as we navigate this challenging time. Through this summer’s programming we will continue working to ensure ACE remains strong and continues to support our community partners even when travel is still not possible.”

– The ACE Staff


Click here to read the official Stanford press release.