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The Summer 2019 edition of the China Exploration and Research Society’s (CERS) newsletter features the short community-based research projects and reflections from the 2019 ACE in China student-athlete participants.  During their time in China, ACE participants spent time researching a topic area of interest, writing a short essay (included in the CERS journal), and presenting to the CERS staff about what they learned.

Research papers include Money Mushroom: Matsutake as Gift and Commodity by Alex Miley (Duke Cross Country and Track and Field), Balancing Tibetan and Western Medical Practice by Areta Buness (Stanford Lacrosse) and Madison Dunk (Duke Lacrosse), The Changing Landscape of Tibetan Buddhism by Jordon Fong (Stanford Track & Field) and Carolina Sculti (Stanford Swimming and Diving), Preservation or Diminishment> Tibetan Culture and Language Amidst Technological Development by Josh Romine (Duke Cross Country and Track and Field), Sacred Mountains and How They Craft Cultural Identity by Kate Littlejohn (Stanford Rowing), Cultural Landscapes: How Modernization and Tourism Will Shape Shangri-La by Noah Vigran (Stanford Swimming and Diving), and Technology VS Teachings by Nate Hartley (Duke Swimming and Diving) and Matthias Frick (Duke Soccer).

Read the newsletter here: