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Image courtesy of Stanford Athletics

Alexa Romano (Women’s Basketball and ACE in India ’16 alum), Patrick Gibson (Men’s Cross Country and Track and Field and ACE in India ’16 alum), Ryan Smith (Men’s Volleyball and ACE in China ’16 alum), Sean Strong (Men’s Fencing and ACE in Vietnam ’16 alum), and Mariah Lee (Women’s Soccer and ACE in South Africa 16′ alum) share some of their most meaningful experiences and discoveries while abroad:

“Alexa Romano sees things in people that are indistinguishable to all but those who refuse to be blinded by the weariness of daily existence.

It’s the eyes that she notices mostly. The hope, happiness and joy. The hardship, fatigue, sorrow and pain. And for three weeks in India, she focused on things that others would have passed by, unknowing or uncaring.

Why? “Because each face reflects a glimpse into what their life has been,” she said…”

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