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UNCUT Duke recently spotlighted ACE in Place Vietnam 2021 alum and Duke Football player Anthony Hinton. UNCUT Duke is a “platform for student-athletes to flip the sports media narrative and share their stories in their own words .” In the article, Hinton reflects on his ACE program and the transformative, athletic mentorship he received as an adolescent. The ACE program, Hinton writes, reignited his desire to become an athletic mentor to youth and drove him to connect him with Team IMPACT. Team IMPACT is a service group that pairs children with serious illness or disability to collegiate sports teams.

“It wasn’t until ACE that I realized I certainly fell victim to this kind of thinking[equating value with physical abilities], but now, at the end of my college career, I would like to think that I made a difference. That, for me, is the best thing I could have wished for in my four years at Duke.” – Anthony Hinton, ACE in Place Vietnam 2021

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