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Stephanie Zempolich

ACE in Place: Vietnam 2021
Duke University
Lacrosse (Women's)
Clifton, Va.
International Comparative Studies
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Stephanie Maria’s Blog Posts from ACE in Place: Vietnam 2021
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“Participating in ACE in Place-Vietnam is so important to me because immersing yourself in different cultures, experiences, and mindsets is critical to growth as a student, athlete and human. Also, it encourages the cultivation of my leadership skills and my development as a teammate, student, and servant in my local, and international, community.”

Steph Zempolich’s past experiences with community engagement include tutoring young children through the Duke Kenan’s Institute Recently Resettled Refugees program, volunteering at Virginia Fair Oaks Hospital, and volunteering, and acting as a student director, for the Duke Catholic Center. She also volunteered through the National Honor Society in high school where she tutored elementary students and high school peers, and was an annual volunteer at the Fisher House within Walter Reed Army Medical Center.