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Tara Christensen

ACE in Vietnam: 2016
Duke University
Rowing (Women's)
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Evolutionary Anthropology
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
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I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity this summer to leave my comfort zone and be challenged in ways that are unique to the ACE program. As student athletes we have the opportunity to learn so many valuable leadership skills through our sports, classes and other involvements at Duke, and to be able to apply these skills and give back to a less fortunate community is why ACE is worth it to me.”

As part of the 2016 ACE in Vietnam program, Tara will teach academics, sports and life skills to students at under-resourced middle schools in the Mekong Delta with the aim of encouraging them to prepare for higher education.

Tara’s past experiences with service include participation in CAPE, or the Collegiate Athlete Pre-Medical Experience, and the Sophomore Outdoor Leadership Experience. Her team also runs a breast cancer fundraiser each year called “Row for the Cure” to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.