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students at soccer tournament in Costa Rica

The Universal Language: GOAL!

Published by Kennedy Barron, Duke Softball
To the uninitiated, it appears to be a deceptively straightforward undertaking. Guiding a ball around a grassy pitch and kicking…
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group photo in Costa Rica


Published by Ally Neiders, Duke Women's Track & Field
I have done service work before but nothing like what I experienced on the ACE in Costa Rica program. This…
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youth dancing in Panama

A Panamanian Dance

Published by River Hanson, Duke Football
The ACE in Panama trip has immensely impacted me, creating an experience of a lifetime. My thought process and how…
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Students celebrating with youth in Panama


Published by Zizi Newhard, Duke Women's Fencing
I waved and smiled as I entered the school, trying to hide how I really felt: unprepared and unqualified. Many…
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volleyball field in Panama

Finding the Freedom

Published by Kerry Keefe, Duke Volleyball
Freedom is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my ACE in Panama experience. The freedom…
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Group of students posing with volleyball

The Value of Simplicity

Published by Andrew Li, Duke Men's Swimming & Diving
The cool part of working with kids is that while you go in with the intent of teaching, you come…
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Group together before volleyball game

The Beauty of Experience

Published by Delaney Thomas, Duke Women's Basketball
If I had to describe my ACE in Panama 2024 experience in one word, it would be gratitude. There was…
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students and youth celebration

The Power of Community

Published by McKenna Smith, Duke Women’s Swimming & Diving
As we drove down the long winding roads, up the mountains to reach the school, excitement ran through my body;…
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