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An exciting part about traveling around the world is trying all of the distinct types of food. In Vietnam, l specifically enjoyed tasting their unique fruits. One of the first things my group did upon arriving in Long Mỹ was explore the local market. As we walked around, the Vietnamese coaches suggested we try different fruits. Some are bright, and some are plain but they all taste great (in my opinion). Fruits are offered at all the meals here and are in abundance during this season. Here are some of my favorites I have discovered so far in Vietnam!

Bowl of large, green, spiky fruit
Durian – This fruit has a strong smell, and you either love it or hate it. It is large, green, and spiky.
Bowls of vietnamese grapefruit
Vietnamese Grapefruit is not quite as juicy or tart as American grapefruit, and you eat it like an orange slice.
Sliced open jackfruit
Jackfruit – a burst of flavor.


Students smiling holding coconuts
These are all over Vietnam. We had some fresh on the riverboat trip. Usually I am not a fan of coconut water from the bottle, but it is delicious straight from the fruit.
Student peeling Sapodilla with a knife
Peeling a Sapodilla with a knife. It looks like a potato on the outside, but a juicy fruit on the inside.
Bowl full of rambooton
Rambooton – my personal favorite.



Bowl full of lychees before peeling
Lychee before peeling.
Peeled lychee
Lychee after peeling.

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