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Each year, ACE student-athletes vote on a theme that connects across all four program locations. This theme supports ACE’s value statement that “connecting with communities across the world through sports provides a unique opportunity for our student-athletes to develop as global citizens.” The 2019 summer theme is “hands,” and we’re going “#HandsIn! to show the way that hands connect us through teamwork and sports. Check out how this ACE team is “#HandsIn” this summer on their experience! Meet the members of the ACE in Peru 2019 team below.


Amanda Beach

Amanda Beach, a rising junior out of Melbourne, Florida is on the Duke Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Amanda is majoring in Biology with a Minor in Spanish. She decided to participate in ACE in Peru because of the deeper exposure to Spanish along with the emphasis on learning about cultural differences and environmental topics. Amanda is #HandsIn in Peru because of her diligence in the field and drive to learn about the culture around her. If she’s not running down the streets of Cusco in the morning, you can always find Amanda with a piece of Peruvian dark chocolate!

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Josh Finesilver

Josh Finesilver is a rising junior on the Duke Wrestling team and anticipates majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology. The Denver, Colorado native chose ACE in Peru to experience a culture in a different part of the world. Josh is always willing to practice his Spanish speaking skills both in and out of the community. Josh’s down-to-earth and easygoing persona lends to why he is #HandsIn. If you ever find yourself wanting to play a game of cards, Josh is your guy!

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Brittany Kampfer

Brittany Kampfer, a rising senior out of Orange, California, competes on the Duke Women’s Swimming and Diving team. She is majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and History. Brittany chose Peru because she is interested in healthcare volunteering after school, and thought this experience would provide relevant insight to this field of work. Her positive attitude and durable spirit make Brittany #HandsIn and an important contributor to the ACE in Peru team. You can always find Brittany getting competitive with the local soccer players!

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Emily Klingaman

Emily Klingaman is a rising sophomore on the Stanford Softball team and is anticipating a major in Environmental Systems Engineering. From Vienna, Virginia, Emily chose the ACE in Peru program because of her passion for the environment and her drive to volunteer within that field. Emily is #HandsIn by bringing a lively energy to the team and is always willing to contribute to work in the field. You can always count on Emily to bring the ACE team to the next yoga class in Cusco!

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Kelsey McGinley

Kelsey McGinley, a rising sophomore on the Stanford Women’s Rowing team from Westport, Connecticut, is anticipating a major in Product Design. Kelsey chose the ACE in Peru program because of her interest in learning more about the culture of art in local communities and how we can preserve the authenticity art provides. Kelsey is #HandsIn because of her vibrant and energetic personality; she is constantly learning about Peruvian culture and contributing to the goals of the ACE program. You can always find Kelsey munching on a pack of saltines from the local supermarket here in Cusco!

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Mia Paulsen

Mia Paulsen, a rising junior on the Stanford Women’s Swimming and Diving team, is from Woodside, California. Mia is majoring in Symbolic Systems with a Minor in Education and decided to participate in ACE in Peru from her past experiences in high school. Mia spent time working in a farmer’s market throughout the extreme drought in California, which gave her a greater appreciation and understanding for the importance of a stable water supply for the community. Mia embodies #HandsIn through her patience and dedication to teaching. You can find Mia most likely rocking a fancy braid done by the local schoolgirls!

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Carly Perri

Carly Perri, a rising junior on the Duke Women’s Swimming and Diving team, is from Huntington Beach, California. Carly is majoring in International Comparative Studies & Cultural Anthropology with a Minor in Psychology. She chose to participate in ACE in Peru to explore aspects of cultural anthropology while developing a greater understanding for ethical volunteering. Carly is #HandsIn with a positive attitude and dedication to the program. Carly is always around to check everyone’s oxygen levels in the extreme Cusco altitude!

girl with mountains behind her

Emily Schultz

Emily Schultz, a member of the Stanford Softball team, is a rising sophomore planning to major in Human Biology. From Aurora, Illinois, Emily chose Peru so that she could immerse herself in the culture and continue to develop Spanish skills in support of the local communities. Emily is #HandsIn because of her inclusive spirit and buoyant personality in and out of the community. If she isn’t drinking coffee, you can always count on Emily to crack a hilarious joke!

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Taylor Scornavacco

Taylor Scornavacco, a rising junior and Human Biology major on the Stanford Women’s Lacrosse team, is from San Diego, California. Taylor decided to volunteer in Peru to go out of her comfort zone and form long lasting relationships within the ACE team and in the community. Taylor represents #HandsIn through her dedication to the program. She constantly exudes a pure joy and passion while teaching and working in the community. If you can’t find Taylor, she’s probably walking up to Saqsaywaman!

student being picked up

Esteban Suarez

Esteban Suarez, a rising senior on the Duke Men’s Track & Field team, is majoring in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry and is from Los Angeles, California. Esteban is always #HandsIn with his willingness to grow and learn both with his Spanish skills and as a contributing team member. He decided to participate in ACE in Peru because of his interest and enjoyment for environmental work. Esteban is the group’s avocado aficionado and lover of all things handmade in Cusco.

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