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Carly Perri

ACE in Peru: 2019
Duke University
Swimming and Diving (Women's)
Fountain Valley, CA
International Comparative Studies
Cultural Anthropology
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
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“Studying International Comparative Studies at Duke, it was extremely important to participate in the ACE in Peru program for me because I want to gain awareness of social, economic, and political systems that differ from those that I live in. I want to take this opportunity to learn about cultural differences and how I can appropriately play a role in working with individuals in communities very different from my own.”

Carly Perri’s past experience with service includes volunteering as a One Love facilitator to advocate against abusive and unhealthy relationships, volunteering at the local animal shelter in Huntington Beach California, and teaching members of all ages within her community to learn how to swim and be water safe.