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Celia Macrae

ACE in India: 2017
Duke University
Rowing (Women's)
Cincinnati, OH
Computer Science
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
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As a student-athlete, one of my biggest challenges is the time constraints that come along with attending a rigorous academic school while competing on a team that is in season both in the fall and the spring. I am excited to participate in the ACE program because it will allow me to train with other student-athletes and engage in service. ACE is a fantastic opportunity for student-athletes to make a positive contribution and grow through serving others while exploring a foreign country.

As part of the ACE in India program, participants will be teaching and coaching children and youth, with a focus on educational and leadership development through sports and teaching English and other subjects in classrooms.

Celia’s past experiences with service include tutoring her peers and involvement in the L.E.A.D. program. With her teammates, she helped organize an ergometer marathon to raise money for Bull City Fit.