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Katya Sander

ACE in Place: Peru 2022
Stanford University
Gymnastics (Women's)
Goshen, KY
Katya’s Blog Posts from ACE in Place: Peru 2022
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I think one of the most valuable things we can do in life is to connect with, understand, and help those around us. By participating in the ACE in Place Peru program this summer, I know that I will be able make an impact on a scale larger than any I’ve worked with before, and will learn so much from my fellow student-athletes and mentors that will continue to help me grow professionally and personally for years to come.

Katya Sander’s past experiences with community engagement include developing a strong one-on-one relationship with and being a role model for a fourth grade girl who doesn’t receive much attention at home because her younger brother has severe autism, through Big Brother Big Sisters (BBBS); mentoring freshmen and new students and providing culturally enhancing activities to her school and community through an organization at her high school, Students Involving and Befriending Students (SIBS); working with young children to help them more easily learn and understand the English language, while also developing strong relationships with them and strengthening her own Spanish-speaking skills at a bilingual child care center and preschool; spending time with those at assisted living home; and cooking and serving breakfast for the homeless in Palo Alto through campus service group Stanford Breakfast Club.