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Maddy Price

ACE in Vietnam: 2017
Duke University
Track and Field (Women's)
Hillsborough, CA
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Political Science
Markets & Management
Maddy’s Blog Posts from ACE in Vietnam: 2017
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The ACE in Vietnam program is more than worth it for me due to the chance I will have to stretch my mind and open my heart to a new country, new people, and new traditions, while hopefully providing some inspiration and knowledge to local children through coaching and teaching.

As part of the ACE in Vietnam program, participants will teach academics, sports and life skills to students at under-resourced middle schools in the Mekong Delta with the aim of encouraging them to prepare for higher education.

Maddy’s past experiences with service include serving as kayak leader for Project Waves (a pre-orientation program for incoming freshmen); volunteering at the Forest at Duke Health and Wellness Center for patients who are sick or in the late stages of the aging process; and with her teammates, helping promote the mission of Project Life, a bone marrow network.