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Madison Dunk

ACE in China: 2019
Duke University
Lacrosse (Women's)
Durham, NC
Madison’s Blog Posts from ACE in China: 2019
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“ACE is a remarkable opportunity for students to immerse themselves within cultures vastly different from their own, while using their skills as athletes to serve and simultaneously learn from individuals in the communities to which they travel.”

Madison Dunk’s past experience with service includes volunteering with the Duke Cancer Center and the Duke Children’s Hospital, as well as preparing and serving meals at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. Madison has also volunteered at Urban Ministries of Durham and helped to organize Stop Hunger Now meal packaging events.

ACE Ambassador Profile

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Madison is currently a junior on the Duke women’s lacrosse team. She is originally from Durham, NC and participated in the ACE in China program in the summer of 2019. This was her first time traveling abroad, and she had an incredible experience developing relationships with both the children in China and her fellow student athletes with whom she had the opportunity to work. As a psychology major with hopes of ultimately attending medical school, Madison was thrilled to work on a research project that investigated the differences between traditional Tibetan and western medical practices.

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Dear Future #ACEathletes,

  • Best advice for learning about ACE: Talk with someone who went on each of the programs! They are all so different but have respective benefits so I recommend hearing personal stories before choosing what program you want to apply to.
  • Best advice for getting started at your program: Enjoy every moment because the time flies by. Just stay aware of your surroundings and treat everyone with respect.
  • Tips for getting to know your community: Learning to appreciate a new community and culture allowed me to better appreciate the intricacies of my own community at home.
  • Tips for training: Try something new! Train with athletes who play sports that are super different from your own.
  • Tips for bringing ACE back to your team: I’ve tried to share as many stories and photos as possible with my teammates!
  • Reasons for staying involved in ACE: ACE was a remarkable experience for me and I hope to encourage others to apply so that they may have similar experiences.