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Marge Bilokin

ACE in Place: Vietnam 2021
Duke University
Tennis (Women's)
New Canaan, CT
Evolutionary Anthropology
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
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Being able to participate in ACE, even though it’s virtual, will provide me with the opportunity to establish new friendships and relationships, learn valuable life lessons from other people and cultures, and leave a positive lasting impact on a community, even during a pandemic, while pushing me to grow as an individual.

Margo’s past experiences with service include one-on-one volunteer tutoring elementary and middle school children in Math and English, as well as designing, organizing, and conducting group lessons to teach science to children ages 7-13. She has also volunteered with the Blue Devil Buddies program at Duke to provide mentorship for upcoming students. Along with her team, Margo has participated in Read with the Blue Devils Program. Margo is also a member of Duke’s Collegiate Athlete Pre-Medical Experience Program (CAPE).