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Max Feldman

ACE in South Africa: 2018
Duke University
Soccer (Men's)
Chapel Hill, NC
International Comparative Studies
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Evolutionary Anthropology
Markets & Management Studies
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“Participating in ACE is a no brainer for me. It gives me an amazing experience abroad while at the same time continuing to improve myself as an athlete and as a person with quality relationships and experiences.”

Max’s past experiences with service include giving campus tours and acting as a mentor for Athletes in Action, a faith-based student-athlete group. Maxis also passionate about voter turnout, going door-to-door helping people register to vote in Durham. With the Duke Men’s Soccer team, Max has participated in various volunteer opportunities including reading at local elementary schools, going on hospital visits, and running a soccer clinic with a local Boys and Girls Club.

ACE Ambassador Profile

Max is a junior majoring in International Comparative studies with a minor in Evolutionary Anthropology while receiving a Markets and Management Studies certificate. He is very involved in athletic programs here at Duke with his participation in the ACTION program as a first year mentor. While in Cape Town, Max developed close friendships with all of the other ACE participants while having fun coaching and teaching the students at ACJ primary school in Nomzamo. His favorite memory was leading his netball team to victory with Roman and building a friendship with his favorite soccer star Lucky.

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Dear Future #ACEathletes,

  • Best advice for learning about ACE: For selecting a program, reach out to ACE ambassadors! I talked with a former teammate who loved South Africa and really recommended me to go.
  • Best advice for applying for ACE: For applying, I made sure that I read over my application multiple times and I also sent it to my academic advisor in the athletic department. Use all your resources to help you!
  • Best advice for getting started at your program: In the first couple of days, to me, it was super important to make strong bonds and friendships with the fellow ACE participants. We made sure we spent plenty of time playing games and talking so that we became good friends and could work the best we could as a team on site.
  • Tips for getting to know your community: Don’t be shy! You will probably never get this opportunity again, so seize it and talk to as many people as you can. They are probably as interested in getting to know you as you are in getting to know them.
  • Tips for training: Sometimes it is very tiring to be on project all day and then go to the gym and work out, so it is important to understand the balance that you need. Sometimes it is good to take some days off when you are very tired, but the gym facilities are great. If you are tired look at other ACE members to help boost you up and maybe try one of their work outs.
  • Tips for bringing ACE back to your team: As soon as I came back I was so excited to show my team what I did that I showed everyone all of my pictures and shared my experiences. I think one of the most important things I brought back to my team was some team building strategies that we practiced in South Africa.
  • Reasons for staying involved in ACE: I had such an amazing time and experience with ACE that I want to help and make sure that everyone can have an experience as great as mine.