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Maya Jackson

ACE in South Africa: 2017
Stanford University
Softball (Women's)
Cerritos, CA
Maya’s Blog Posts from ACE in South Africa: 2017
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Although I am a committed student-athlete, I am also so much more than that. Being a knowledgeable and open global citizen is important to me. I know I have so much to learn from immersing myself in a completely different culture and connecting with people from different backgrounds than myself. I just hope I can have a lasting impact on the Nomzamo Township community like I know they will have on me.

As part of the ACE in South Africa program, participants will assist with basic healthcare initiatives, activity-based education and teaching, light construction, and sports programs in the community of Nomzamo township near Cape Town.

Maya’s past experiences with service include representing her peers on her dorm’s student government, which is working this year to renovate her dorm’s garden; and membership in the Stanford Black Student Union.