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Verity Abel

ACE in India: 2017
Duke University
Swimming and Diving (Women's)
Westport, CT
Global Health
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Markets & Management
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“ACE provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will allow me to impact the lives of others, while simultaneously gaining a greater worldly perspective and appreciation of my own life. I am incredibly excited to immerse myself in India’s culture and form life-changing relationships with community members and fellow student-athletes.”

As part of the ACE in India program, participants taught and coached children and youth, with a focus on educational and leadership development through sports and teaching English and other subjects in classrooms.

Verity’s past experiences with service include lifeguarding and coaching adults and children in swimming for the Duke Recreation Department. Alongside her teammates, she has assisted in “Swimming with the Blue Devils,” an initiative to teach Durham children how to swim; and Team Impact, in which a young boy with a life-threatening illness, Max, and his younger sister, Mia, had the opportunity to hang out with the swim team and just be normal kids.