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In the Hong Kong airport, awaiting the flight that would return us to the United States, everyone agreed that July 14 (the day we arrived) felt like both one day ago and seven years ago (we even joked that the mystical mountainous region that we had just left was something out of “Rip Van Winkle,” a fictional short story in which a man falls asleep in a cave, only to awaken twenty years later). Our sense of time was completely distorted. While the remoteness of the region and post-camp exhaustion accentuated and prolonged each day, the busy schedule and continual social interaction blurred one day into the next. It was the epitome of the saying that goes “the days drag on, but the weeks fly by.” In order to capture and share our experience in real time, I’ve created a video of the twenty-one days we spent in China, with some days revealing just one special moment and others revealing a full day’s worth of adventure. Enjoy!

videoscreenshot of youtube video with a student standing in front of a templeWatch video at:

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