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The ACE program has been a memorable experience, which has broadened my world perspective. Working with SA Harvest was very rewarding in knowing we were doing work which would help them become even more efficient in reducing waste and distributing food.

I had the privilege of working with so many great people throughout this program. I loved learning about different South African cultures and was surprised to learn about how diverse they are. This changed my perspective on culture because it made me consider how many different traditions and practices occur in other countries I’d like to learn about in the future.

The ACE program taught me many different research skills as I collected data about malnutrition in South Africa. It also reminded me that I respond well to hands-on learning, for example I really enjoyed learning how to cook a traditional South African dish. As a student-athlete, I proved my ability to work with others as a team, especially with the challenges that a virtual environment brings. This program inspired me to continue volunteering to help people in need, as I hope to help bring food to hungry people in my community in the future.

This program will have a lasting impact on me in so many ways, and in five years I will look back and appreciate this program for encouraging me to educate myself about other cultures, adventure into new opportunities, and volunteer my time to make a positive impact on others in need.

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