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This summer, ACE students voted on a sports-related theme to document across all four programs.  For summer 2018, “kicks” or shoes was the top vote-getter.   Meet the 2018 ACE in China team and their favorite “kicks.”


Veronica Brtek

student smiling with field and mountains in background

Is a member of Duke Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams. She is from Colorado Springs, CO. She loves cheese and watching sunsets. She brought her shoes to China “cuz they COMFY, supportive, can be worn with or without socks, and they do well in all conditions.”

striped socks with Birkenstocks


Meible Chi

student with arms outstretched standing in front of a mountain

Is part of Duke Women’s Tennis. She was born and raised in south Florida. Her favorite hobby is traveling and she loves sushi. She brought her shoes to China because “They’re versatile. For example, I can use them to exercise, travel, and teach.”

gray and pink sneakers with dog


Bradon Kier

student in red shirt smiling and holding a flower

Is a member of the Stanford Wrestling team. He was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He can never get enough bodysurfing at the beach, and he eats everything. He wears sliders because “they are quick, convenient, and comfy.”

black slides with socks leaning on deck banister


Riley Hickman

student smiling standing on stairs with goat in the front of the photo

Is a member of the Duke Men’s Swimming and Diving team. He did his growing up in Davis, CA. Nothing in the world brings him more happiness than backpacking in the mountains. Toast is the single greatest food known to humanity. He wears two differently colored shoes because “nobody ever told me they must match.”

one purple show, one white shoe


Isabella Duan

student holding a cat

Is a part of Stanford Women’s Lightweight Rowing team. She was born in San Francisco, then moved 20 min south to a small town called Hillsborough. She loves hiking, camping and eating Takis. She brought these shoes to China because they are “supportive and good for recovering from my injury.”

white sneakers, red anklet, taken inside


Mikaela Watson

student smiling in front of a colorful building

Is a part of the Stanford Women’s Lacrosse team. She is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and loves to draw, paint and sculpt. Her favorite food is constantly changing but as of right now it is Korean BBQ. She chose to bring her running shoes on the trip and hasn’t regretted it, “the views have been breathtaking.”

bright coral sneakers


Haley Schleicher

student smiling wearing a baseball hat in front of a lake and mountains

Is a member of the Duke Women’s Field Hockey team. She was born and raised in Virginia Beach and she likes to watch sunrises at the beach and go see live bands in her area. She likes to eat fish tacos with pineapple salsa. She brought her sandals because they “do well in the rain and are also good for small hikes and walking around town.”

chacos sandals with bare feet


Lelia Boley

student pointing to a mural on a wall

Is a member of the Duke Women’s Rowing team. She is from Connecticut, born in NYC. She loves chocolate chip pancakes, and she’s trying to pick up the guitar. She brought her shoes because “I thought they wouldn’t show all the dirt that would build up over the weeks, but the kids’ chalk definitely does!”

black sneakers and leggings on with a blue stripe


Jacie Lemos

student smiling wearing sunglasses in front of a green field and mountains

Is a member of the Stanford Women’s Lacrosse team. She is from the coast of New Hampshire. She’s a huge fan of coffee, and she generally loves breakfast food. Outside of lacrosse she loves beach soccer and going on hikes. She brought her shoes to China because they’re “crazy comfortable but also supportive enough so that I can run around in them.”

white allbird sneakers with white midcalves

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