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Being in India for 3 weeks really gave us the opportunity to be immersed in the culture of Delhi. We learned so much, ranging from new foods, religions, and many other aspects. Upon our return to the United States, the news has been filled with the incidents in Charlottesville. Back to life in America. Focus quickly shifted from India back to one of our country’s ailments. The world offers its issues and every country has its fair share of them. The world also offers its endless beauties. From country to country, people to people, there is so much to explore and appreciate.

One thing that I appreciate about the Indian people is their love and pride for their country.

One day in class, Judd and I asked our students what places in the world they want to travel to and visit one day. There were a couple students who said New York City. A couple others named several European countries that intrigued them. China and Japan were brought up as well. However, about 80 of the class said they didn’t want to leave India at all. At first, I was surprised by this. Seconds later, the entire class started naming places that I’ve never heard of. Then I realized that they were naming other places within India. The whole class came to life. Some students who haven’t said a word in days started to chip in. They named different states they want to explore, specific monuments they want to see, and smaller villages that they are curious about. It was amazing. The people of India have so many facets about them to be appreciated. One aspect that I appreciate dearly is the love that they have for their country.

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